The jeans market in China: A Rapid Development

The jeans market in China: Overview

China which is known as the land of the rising sun is now known by the nickname of « world’s workshop », the country currently holding one of the largest textile industries in the world in the clothing sector. China has effectively positioned global manufacturing top of the list and exports jeans and kimonos since 1994 to date. The sector also continues to experience a rapid development, especially since it has allowed people to get rich quick. The ride on the jeans market in China, where is now the world capital of jeans.
China dominates exports of jeans. Also the jeans industry is booming among elderly in China.
Currently, close to 80% of China’s economy revolves around its textile industry. A sector that is taking more and more important in most cities. Indeed, many cities in China appear various franchise brands of jeans, including the famous Levis, Guess or Ralph Lauren among others. Furthermore, large and small factories moved to every corner in cities. A large number of family workshops have also emerged. In Xintang Moreover, the city where the largest number of jeans manufacturers are concentrated in China, they produce 60% of jeans production throughout China. 40% of this production is exported to the United States and Europe. Two out of three of jeans sold in the world are from China, according to statistics studies lately.

Jeans market in China, best price on the local market

With the dazzling family workshops and small companies specialized in the manufacturing of jeans operating in China, there is no wonder in the presence of numerous shops selling denim clothing at low prices. The country is renowned for the production of copies of famous brands, jeans and prices can vary from one city to another, as is the case with Levis in China whose price is between 25 € and 102 €. But the country is known for its gold medal on counterfeiting, it is not uncommon to see these in stores copies of these jeans from brands that the local population buys at relatively low prices. China’s monopoly on the textile industry, especially in the area of the jeans is well established, especially with all these family workshops and small businesses that abound in the country, besides the presence of these various franchise brands as Levi’s or H&M in China among others.

China to buy designer jeans cheap

China is the source of 40% of jeans you find anywhere in the world. The country is actually the largest exporter of jeans worldwide. Wearing jeans is the current trend in China, especially for the young, the jeans market in China is a real important economic source for much of the population especially in the cities devices. The Lévis China remains one of the most popular brands, especially in the more affluent youth, the price of trousers ranging in 25 to 100 € or more. But put aside the international brands of jeans, the Chinese brand of jeans as Jussara Lee or Souyute Heegrand and are also available on the local market and are also highly appreciated by the population. reputable sellers, especially those who have online shops give you information about the size of jeans to buy from its equity deal with European jeans.

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