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Pratu Nam: A shopper’s haven

If you are in Bangkok and is dead-serious about shopping, you can’t miss Pratu Nam.  “Pratu” in Thai means “door” and “Nam” is “water”.  In this post you would know why it’s called that way.

Before that, let’s go on a virtual tour of the place first.  Platinum Fashion Mall is a shopper’s haven located in Pratu Nam.  It is a huge edifice with almost everything you need to take home!

Platinum Fashion Mall at night:  it bustles with activity!

It is where wholesalers from practically other Asian countries buy their goods  at.  You would get huge discounts if you buy by the bulk.

Right across Platinum is the Baiyoke tower.

The Baiyoke tower is Bangkok’s tallest building.  It towers up to 82 floors.  From a tiring shopping spree at Platinum you can enjoy a buffet meal at Baiyoke for 750 THB (25 USD), and enjoy an amazing view of Bangkok by night!

This area of Bangkok is called “Pratu Nam” because it is the last stop of the river taxi.  The river taxi travels from the Eastern part of Bangkok (Bangkapi area) to the very center of the city, where Pratu Nam is located.  In the olden times you could imagine people riding on boats to travel across the city.

Just a little trivia, Bangkok is called “the Venice of Southeast Asia”– because boats were the main mode of transport before the roads were built.

Across Platinum Fashion Mall is where the river taxis are.  You can’t believe how crowded they are at night!  But it’s a lot cheaper compared to riding a taxi. But the biggest advantage river taxis have over any other mode of transport is that it does away with Bangkok traffic– And that is smart business!


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Bangkok souvenirs

My mom and I went to Chatuchak market when they came here for a visit, and she brought home some very colorful souvenirs from Bangkok!

Colored wallets with elephant designs. Aren’t they cute?
These are things my mom collects:  I don’t know what they call these, but it’s like little metal toothpicks used for cocktail foods. They come in different designs my mom and I really had a hard time choosing the best ones.
An elephant riding a boat with fruits on his hat… I liked this most of all! The other side says, “Floating Market” and the other says “Thailand”
Birds.. the wood looks real, doesn’t it?
Turtles with eggs!! aww look at them get out of the shells!
I hope I could go back to Chatuchak market one time and buy mom some of the designs she would have wanted but we feared she was going to have so much excess baggage!  ‘Til next time, mommy!

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