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The Paseo Mall

We have stayed in one of the small hotels located in Lad Krabang area last weekend just for a time to get away from our usual schedules and relax. I will blog about our hotel stay soon.  Well, it was not like your usual Bangkok holiday because we did not want any shopping– we just wanted to go somewhere we have not been to and just enjoy family time.

The hotel website said that the nearest shopping center would be the Paseo Mall. We went there for dinner, expecting to find one of those usual huge Bangkok malls.  It turns out that Paseo is just like an arcade, with eating places and a little night market. We have seen many tourists staying in those affordable hotels in the area doing their last minute shopping at Paseo.

 photo paseomall_zps0fde6e46.jpg

The Paseo mall entrance
(image not mine)

 photo paseomall_zps282bc3cd.jpg

The bustling night market at Paseo Mall grounds

You can find so many of these night markets in the city center, actually but it was still nice to go around, grab some barbecue and find some great deals in these little shops.  Paseo mall is conveniently located in Lad Krabang road,  just walking distance to local accommodations that are just a few minutes drive to the Suvarnabhumi International airport.

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Central Plaza Chaeng Wattana Revisited

Last Thursday we had a chance to go to Central Plaza Cheng Wattana. It’s one of the biggest malls in the Nonthaburi area, Greater Bangkok.  The kids were excited when we told them we were going to drop by Central after our time at the Thai Immigration office.

We used to live close to this huge mall until we transferred to the East side of Bangkok so everytime we visit this mall, we always feel at home and always, it brings back good memories of our first few months in Bangkok.

 photo CENTRALCHENG_zps2a775310.jpg

Modern, huge, and lots of space– the things I love the most about Central Chaeng Wattana

 photo CENTRALCHENG2_zps413db487.jpg

The food court has lots of space, too and great choices  from traditional Thai to Western food at affordable prices

 photo CENTRALCHENG3_zps2ce4bccc.jpg

The view of the mall from the 7th floor

Central Plaza Chaeng Wattana has a total of seven floors with a basement floor included. It is the biggest shopping mall in the northwestern part of Bangkok and was built in 2008 . The total size of the shopping mall is some 300,000 square meters. The mall itself is 208 meters long and 235 meters wide. The cost of building the mall was 6 billion Baht. (Wikipedia).

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Siam Botanical Show at The Mall Bangkapi

When we learned that there was to be a Botanical show at the Mall Bangkapi Event Hall, we were excited. There was always something going on at the event hall every week, but many times they don’t interest us. It’s just refreshing to see lots of greens and nature in a bustling mall, so we decided to go and check it out.

 photo bot1-Copy_zpsd5dc7d32.jpg

 photo bot2-Copy_zpsd557bfd8.jpg

There were all kinds of orchids, ornamental plants for sale, it’s hard to choose which ones to buy!

 photo bot4_zpsc1d2050c.jpg

This arch made out of bamboo in the middle of the hall was just beautiful!

 photo bot3-Copy_zps40719d5e.jpg

There was also a flower arrangement contest– it was timed, and the creativity of these florists are just amazing!

 photo bot5_zpsdf8b3445.jpg

Overflowing orchids!

 photo bot7_zps624c448d.jpg

This yellow elephant is made out of flowers! So creative!

 photo bot6_zpscd9da66e.jpg

The kids with those orchids at the background

 photo bot8_zps1ca451c6.jpg

us– umm…somebody needs to shave? :)

We really  enjoyed that Botanical show and it showcased the creativity of florists all over the county, too.  It was a great opportunity to display their masterpieces, plus it’s not everyday that we get to enjoy nature in a normally crowded mall.  For a moment there,  we felt like we stepped out of Bangkok and was taken to paradise!

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