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Taj Mahal in Bangkok?

This is a miniature Taj Mahal in Dream World, Bangkok.  Although it isn’t made out of gold, silver bullion or anything fancy, it is still a great way to introduce Taj Mahal to the kids.

There’s also Eiffel tower, the statue of Liberty, the Great Wall of China, and the leaning tower of Pisa.  We really had a great time there.  The trip aroused the kids’ curiosity about these wonders of  the world and researched about them on their own.

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Happiness for 2012

“Khwamsuk” or happiness is very important in Thai culture.  It’s what they wish for this coming year.  Thailand, particularly Bangkok, has gone through a lot in the past year.  With the political upheavals paired with the flooding that lasted more than a month, every Thai in the city of angels could only wish for “khwamsuk” this year.

I saw this piece of artwork at the Paradise mall, and I admired its creator’s ingenuity and love for his country.  The colors the artist used are the colors in the Thai flag.  I, too, agree with the Thais’ wishes for this year.



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