Entering the Chinese Market: A hurdle to success

With its 1.5 billion potential customers, China has become an objective for every company. Whether the company is a BtoB company or aims to a larger audience in BtoC, all have turned towards China and are looking for ways to please those customers.

But entering the Chinese market is hard, and requires allocation of investment, store-checks, image analysis, habits of consumption based on data and information. Due to the many companies already present and the development of entrepreneurship in China, entering the Chinese market is now a harder battle than it was 20 years ago.

Still, as we think that a China market entry is not just about opening a door, we also support you in the execution of your strategy in China and we keep providing information about a trend and further opportunities for development in China.

You need to use every tool at your disposal, from Michael Porter’s five forces model, the Boston Matrix, to Arthur D. Little & VRIO to better identify the most relevant corporate strategy to adopt according to the current market situation and consumer trends in China. As the Chinese middle-class keep on developing itself and many other changes in the past decade, you will need to be aware of those changes to seize the opportunities for your company.

Your brand will need to resonate with the consumers, and not just your product or the story you sell along with it: your Chinese name itself need to inspire Chinese customers to trust it. A good marketing strategy in China will let you grow beyond anything you may believe and will allow you to develop your company further. Entering China’s markets will allow you to reach several million customers easily, as well as grow internationally.