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Bustling as ever!

Yes, the heart of Bangkok is still bustling as ever. No sign of flooding. The shopping continues, the fun goes on. People are still on the rush.  The street foods are still there.  No sight of people paddling their boats.  Everything is normal– in the heart of the city, that is!

Of course it’s a totally different picture when you go to the Northern part of the city.

The street along MBK

Siam BTS station

All aboard! A fully packed skytrain bound for Mochit

These photos were taken last November 3, 2011, at the height of Bangkok flooding.  No, the city is not entirely sunken.  Life goes on in this side of  the city.



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Bangkok Taxis

One thing that you’d notice when you see/ride Bangkok taxis is that they are so colored!

A reflection of the Thai people's love for art and color. The more vibrant-colored buses and taxis are, the better!

They could also come in greens, purples, pure yellows and reds! Take your pick!

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We’re dry…on this side of Bangkok

Contrary to what people outside of Bangkok see on tv, there are still districts in the city of angels that are completely dry.  No, the city is not entirely sunken yet.  Sometimes it’s crazy how the other side (mostly the Northern side) of Bangkok is suffering from this catastrophe, while its city center is still bustling with shoppers, tourists.  Life goes on. No trace of flooding except the sandbags prepared on the entrances of malls and hotels.  Otherwise, everything’s just normal.

Perhaps a thank you is in order for our city engineers.

A quiet, unflooded late afternoon for us who are in the Eastern side of the city. Still on a constant lookout as to whether or not it will flood. For now another day has passed and we are still dry

Will it flood tomorrow?  That we do not know. Our sandbags are in place, our water supply may last us a few more days.  Our things are still on higher level.  It has been this way for over a month now.  One day we are told we are going to be flooded within hours.  Then we receive notice that the walls have been fixed and we need not worry. But then again, knowing Bangkok, who can really tell what changes they’ll bring in a matter of hours?





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