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A city of sandbags

This is a photo I took of Mc Donalds in Pratunam District last Sunday.  Sandbags adorned the entrances of restaurants, hotels and shopping complexes.  Nonetheless, no flood threats stopped the shoppers from their spree.  The Platinum mall was as bustling as ever.

Meantime Bangkok skies still amaze me in the late afternoons.  It’s hard to think that the entire city will be flooded within the next 24 hours, with such a perfect weather that we have.

“To all Bangkokians: prepare for the worst. Even though the flood may sink our houses, it cannot drown our fighting spirit.”

Krissana Parnsoonthorn, Writer, Bangkok Post

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Nightlife In Bangkok

Whether you’ve been to Bangkok or not, you’ll no doubt already know of its iconic and wild nightlife. It is renowned across the world as a place to go if you want to party and experience entertainment after the sun goes down like never before.  Good times aren’t just for college students; all ages enjoy the party scene!

The recent years have seen the city become increasingly safe for tourists, shedding some of the seedier and unsafe images of the past. And if you’re looking for a vibrant nightlife, which has trendy clubs, incredible restaurants, chic bars and the famed cabarets, then Thailand’s capital is most definitely for you.

The famed Bangkok of old has been replaced with an up-tempo, lively and safe environment, ideal for holidaymakers to indulge in. Whether you want to relax in the serene setting of a jazz bar or head to some of the city’s iconic cabarets, there is the perfect place for you. Bangkok is however spread out over a large area so you should be prepared to plan an evening’s entertainment ahead of schedule so you’re not meandering around without anywhere to go. Using rickshaws is a great way to travel the streets or, as an alternative, rent a car and use a designated driver to get you around this thriving cityscape.


Rambuttri Road (credits to google for the photo)

If you want a relaxing evening and somewhere that you can unwind, then there are many places aside from the famed fast paced madness. Rambuttri Road is one ideal stop, and you’ll find a range of blues and jazz bands playing. Molly Bar is very popular with locals and you can enjoy food, drink and a game of pool. Alternatively, you can head to Green House, which offers free Wi-Fi and great food.

For one of Bangkok’s most famous exports, Ladyboys, there are a huge variety of places to visit. Nana Plaza has become a tourist attraction, both for those seeking company and others just wanting to see some Thai tradition. Hollywood Rock, Voodoo, G-spot, Silver Dragon and Rainbow bars can all be found in this district, allowing you to explore the city’s infamous adult entertainment. An alternative to Nana Plaza, which can be a little too much for some, is Patpong; a quieter adult district with live music bars in addition to the pickup bars and clubs.

Clubbing is also a large part of Bangkok’s nightlife and whilst there are some very expensive and high class clubs, Route 66 is the ideal place to visit if you want a great club, lots of people and free entry. DJ’s and live bands play here, allowing you to experience a range of music, and with light shows all night, you’ll easily party until the early hours. And if you really love the live music at Route 66 then heading to the Saxophone Pub and Restaurant or Adhere 13th Blues Bar will allow you to indulge in live music whichever night you go.

Bangkok is an enthralling city to visit and whilst you may initially be overwhelmed, you’ll quickly settle into the vibrant atmosphere around you. And by carefully planning where to start your night, you never know where you may end up.


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Thailand flood 2011: A bigger picture

This photo would be very helpful for us who are asking exactly where the flood waters are.  Bangkok is that portion with bold red around it.  Our area is in Bang Kapi.  Can you see it?  It’s not yet flooded for now.  At least not yet…but we are not certain about how things will turn out in the coming days.

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