“Got to Believe” to be Aired in Thailand

Apparently Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo’s tandem is going international– it has caught the attention of Thailand. In a morning show “Teun Ma Kuy,” the local host mentioned that “Got to Believe” is going to be aired in the Land of Smiles with Thai subtitle.

'Got To Believe' to air in Thailand? 940x280

I am sure this is going to be a delight to many Filipinos working in the country and Daniel, without a doubt, is going to tickle Thai girls’ hearts with his charm.

Thank you for making us proud, Daniel and Kathryn and all the best to you and to your team!

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Summer Classes

Students are so looking forward to summer. It usually means having fun at the beach or not having to wake up early for class. For our kids, though, it might be a different picture. Ria is going to graduate from Grade 6 this year and she still has to have make up classes during the summer in order for her report card to be released and admitted to 7th grade this June.

Our girl will definitely have to double time. I pity her, but she has to do it. On top of that, she is also planning to enroll in Piano and voice lessons. It just depends how her schedules would work out. Well, the good upside about all these is that the kids will not have just one of those lazy summers where kids don’t know what to do.

As for Roi, we hope he could learn his guitar lessons. No, I am not buying him snark yet but will do after he decides that he really wants to learn guitar and would be interested to pursue lessons.

Though this would look like our summer is going to be very packed, we are still thinking of having a few days off. Where? That has yet to be planned out for now.

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Missing the Bangkok Malls

If you have been to Bangkok and you come back to the city where we are currently based, you would know how different it is. Thankfully, the kids do not miss city life that much plus school and our active church life has kept them occupied.

At this time of the year when Songkran festival (Thai New Year) is fast approaching, Bangkok malls would be bustling with so many shoppers trying to grab the best deals. It would be very common to see imprinted promotional products all over saying they have their products on sale.

I do miss Bangkok malls and shopping. I still have the City of Angels as one of my dream destinations in the future. It has been my home for four years and yes, it will always be my second home. And what do you know? I do miss speaking in Thai!

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